Friday, August 08, 2008

So much for the RAIN!

My rain gauge had only 1/2 inch.....not acceptable for the flora. Professional farmers are losing their money cousin included! The day started all happy because of the rain, but when I realized it was over and barely measurable, I just fizzled and slept the rest of the day. We did get enough for the moron construction workers to get stuck in the red sticky clay next door. So...what did they do? Yes, indeed. Pushed that sucker over on to my driveway to get it out. I saw a dude out there with MY water and MY water hose trying to wash the clay off my drive way. Well, he only washed as far as the hose reached. He didn't bother to try to hook another one to it and finish the job. I was pissed and they were gone for the day. I guess I'll try to clean it tomorrow. Assholes!


I am not even watching TV, but while I am tooling around (hyped up because we are finally getting some rain) cooking and cleaning, I can hear The View on in the background. Can I just say that Joy Behar is a COMPLETE IDIOT! Even her voice grates on my nerves. I'm turning that shit off!