Friday, August 31, 2007

Yeah, I'm cooking now, but the chances are good that next time I try to do this I won't remember how. That's how I roll!

Please disregard...I am playing and learning!

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This has never animated on blogger before, but if I upload it to Google Docs & Spreadsheets and post it from there, it works.


Edited to add:
I screwed up. This post published on top of an old one because I used the same graphic. I'm's Google Docs...and I learned something new today. 9-25-07

Sometimes I am just a slug while other days I am a ball of fire. Today was a ball of fire day. I am almost completely packed and that is no easy task considering all the different functions requiring differing requirements of dress. The only one I know I will be dressed properly for is the Sunday bar-b-que after the wedding on Saturday for the out of town guests who are still in town. That's more my style...jeans!

Mom is doing great after her dental procedure yesterday. She and Dad surprised me with a brief visit today. I have purposely not told him that I have a new computer and it was sitting on the counter with all its pinkness gleaming. He never even saw it!

I think it will be fun to update this blog whenever I can while I am on the road. I have read several blogs of people who were on trips and enjoyed them immensely. I'm really hoping to get to see some fall foliage before I get home. While I am at my cousin's house in Virginia, I probably will not get to post because she lives out on the Rappahannock River in the country and only has a dial up connection. Those drive me crazy. That's what my brother has as well....only because it is the only thing available where he lives.

Standing by

Edited to add: She could not get on the next flight. Next one will be around 8:30, so she has one more chance.

I went to the hospital this morning to relieve my cousin who has spent every night there with her mother. Last night they actually put a bed in there for her. Why didn't they do this Monday? She was going to go home today to her home in Shreveport because they were moving her mother to the rehab floor. No one can stay with patients while they are in rehab. I came on home and got a phone call from her other daughter. She lives in Virginia, but she had managed to get to the Dallas airport. She flies free and stand by because her daughter is a flight attendant for American Airlines. Two planes have left Dallas for Shreveport and she couldn't get on either of them. There are still two more flights tonight, so I am standing by to go pick her up at the airport if she does get on one of those flights. She may be stuck there tonight because of the holiday weekend.