Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What next!

We hired another night caregiver today to fill in for the one who had emergency surgery on Friday. The downside is that no one would do it for the $7.25 that we were paying, which means that everyone will be getting a raise. The daytime caregivers do so much more than the night caregivers because they have to fix meals, give baths, wash clothes, etc. The night people only have to change her and turn her every two hours. They can recline and rest  in between those times. Yesterday, I was completely stressed out about it because I worry about what we are going to do when Mom's money runs out. The daytime caregivers have been getting $10 an hour, but I'm sure we will have to raise that to $11 now. I just hope her money doesn't run out before she does!

Time to uncork a new bottle!