Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crying session over for today!

I am back from my crying session today. When I got to Dad's, he just hugged me and told me he was waiting to see me. He cried and I cried and then he went to his room to try to take a nap. We got today off from doctors. Actual treatment starts tomorrow and I will take him to that. I did some cleaning in their house and sent Mom off to rest. Brother was going to try to take Dad fishing today, but he decided Dad didn't feel like it. All kinds of people brought food to their house last night, so I guess I will not worry about making sure they eat. Mom has to eat or she will have a low blood sugar. Dad just eats sugar!!! He's not interested in nutrition, but he weighs 138 pounds, so he is fine. He can eat whatever he feels like eating and all he ever feels like eating is sweets.