Sunday, April 01, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend!

I'm glad the weekend is over. I need a rest. Yesterday my best friend from high school came to Mom and Dad's, so I went to meet her there. Before she got there, I went to the new church building and helped with the last minute cleaning details (windows). Today my friend came back to go to their church, so I went to church there this morning as well. She then took us all out to lunch before returning to go to the building dedication today. Her father was ordained as a minister in that church and she lived in Massachusettes for many, many years. She has returned to Louisiana and built a huge plantation style home on a lake. My brother was the chairman of the building committee, so he had a part on the program. My dad had a part on the program just because he's 85 and he told the preacher he wanted to say a few words. He spoke from his heart and did a wonderful job. He made me proud. I gathered up all Mom's left over cookies from the event and got her and Dad settled back at home. Now I am going to eat cookies and rest! Having heels on ALL DAY LONG is just TOO MUCH!