Monday, November 20, 2006

My new favorite stuff!

While I was in Lake Charles, I was gifted with some bath crystals saturated with moisturizers. The gift was from a place called Bath Junkie......and, by the way,.......I am ONE! This stuff is awesome. I have used it twice now and it completely negates having to get all greased up with lotion after a bath.

I returned home today and found that my angel trumpets didn't survive the freeze last night. I had them covered, but the tarp came loose on one side and exposed them to the weather. They had so many buds on them and they were going to be pretty soon, but they're gone now. Maybe next year!! They have already bloomed several times this summer. My azaleas (twice bloomers) have buds all over them and I have them covered tonight due to predicted 29 degrees. I'm afraid that isn't going to help and they probably won't bloom. It's OK. They bloomed in the spring. Maybe next year! I love the cold weather, but I love my flowers, too! Can't have both, I guess!!