Monday, April 20, 2009

What a great day!

Nothing makes me happier than having a yard to keep all pretty with flowers. Today being the absolute perfect day for yard work, I started early in my yard planting my yearly caladiums. All 75 of them are in the ground now and I expect that they will really show off this summer. They always do. In fact, I am known as the yard with the caladiums in my hood. My friend, who owns a garden shop recommended Carolyn Wharton's for my yard because they tolerate the oppressive heat better than others. The last 2 years, I planted this variety and it did well, so I used it again this year.

I spent the entire morning in the yard just doing various chores and already twice this morning people have stopped by to compliment me on my beautiful yard. Yep, I love it! I just went and bought some more flowers, but I think that will be a job for tomorrow. I'm used up already this day!! I also have some metal, colorful butterflies ordered to put on my wooden fence.