Friday, January 22, 2010

At last!

Finally, a night's rest in my bed has made a dramatic difference for me. My brother got to Mom's this morning to find that she had already made coffee and got the breakfast casserole out to warm up. He had to go to Hot Springs today, so I went this afternoon to check on her. She said she was doing great, but it does hurt to walk on her foot. I did some cleaning up around her house and planted a bunch of Texas sweet onions and left her there alone. She said she would be OK. I made sure she could reach something to eat although she can stand up and do a little bit of walking. Brother was expected back by 7:30 tonight.

Yesterday, I went to buy a new mattress and box springs for Mom. Tomorrow morning it will be delivered, so I am going there early to strip her bed and wash her sheets. I can't stay long because I have a parade tomorrow in Shreveport that I want to throw some beads in.There may be a margarita or ten consumed tomorrow and a burger or ten from Herby K's!