Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tough times!

My brother is completely incapacitated right now. His pain is debilitating and there is no position he can find that is without pain. Yesterday, he went for an MRI, but could not lie still for the hour to do it. Our doctor cousin, who set up the MRI for him, had to give him a shot of demerol laced with fenegren for him to be able to even get the MRI. MRI was read today and they saw several issues, but the main one is a bulging disc. They are making arrangements for an injection on Thursday. Not sure how that will help anything other than the pain. He is just miserable. I have had a herniated disc many years ago when they cut a 6 inch opening down the spine. They don't do that anymore, but I'm sure he will be a candidate for whatever they do these days for that issue. He has already had 2 spinal stenosis surgeries, so he thought that would be the problem. It's hard to see him in such pain and Mom just cries when she sees him hurting so badly. He is stubborn and will not let me stay every night with Mom and get her to bed. He just lays back in the recliner and gets up long enough to get her in bed when it is time.