Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes, my new meds work!

I took the Januvia samples my doc gave me for 3 weeks before I saw any difference at all. Apparently, it takes that long to manifest itself. It never said that in any of the research I did on it. The last few days I have really pushed it to the limits eating things that I knew had made my blood glucose soar to over 200. Now, I can't get it to go that high no matter how much or what I eat. That makes me happy because it is when BG goes high that damage is done to internal organs.

Garden time..

Since my calendar obligations ended on Wednesday this week,  after lunch with friends on Thursday I went to my dad's and got started preparing for the garden. It's time to plant potatoes and onions. I tilled up about 6 rows and maybe tomorrow I will get the potatoes and onions and get them planted.

Tonight I went to Mom and Dad's to go out to eat catfish with the family. While there, I went out and looked where I had planted a small fall garden several months ago. I pulled up a few carrots. What a treat! I didn't even know any of them made a carrot. Way cool!