Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's official!

I am officially old and I admit it and own it. Last night during sleep, I got a cramp in my leg...not unusual...happens all the time. I always hop out of bed quickly and start trying to relieve the pain and anguish. Last night as I started to hop out of bed, I fell and hit my head on the solid wood nightstand...also got scraped up on both arms. I couldn't dwell on that because I still had the cramp to cope with, but it was constantly in the back of my head about that actress who fell on the bunny slope and hit her head. As soon as I could, I put an ice pack on it and watched to make sure it was making a knot on the outside of my head instead of the inside. ( I learned that on TV after that woman fell). Today, I am pretty sore and have a sore head, but not a headache. Old age sucks!