Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Much needed break!

I am starting to really hate the Willis Knighton Cancer Center and I don't know why. They have been nothing but very professional and nice, but it is so full of really sick people. It's depressing to me, but the sick people are always the ones smiling. Dad finished his regular radiation today and gets a break until Tuesday when they will do 3 days of tomotherapy. Of course, I have been all over that term in Google trying to learn all I can about it.

Tomorrow, a friend of mine from high school is bringing a truck load of compost and lots of seeds and is going to plant a fall garden in two 4 X 8 raised beds which she brought to Dad in the spring. She loves my dad and wants him to be able to watch a garden grow. She doesn't know how really weak he is and that he is unable to even watch it grow right now. He can't see it anyway. Oh, well, I will watch it grow and I will eat the carrots, potatoes and whatever else she plants.

Panic time!

I am so spoiled to online banking and bill paying that I go into panic mode when I think I might actually have to write checks to pay my bills. For the last two days, that function of my bank site has been out of order. I was already trying to figure a way to pay bills without having to actually write checks and put them in envelopes with a stamp. Yep, I'm a bit nerdy, I guess! OR LAZY!

Day 10 of radiation!

Brother is taking Dad for maybe his last treatment today. They will see the doctor and find out if he is going to do the 3 additional treatments that he told me last week they would do. When he sees how weak Dad is, he may not want to do any more. Yesterday, when I took him, he could not sit up in the car. He had to lie down in the back seat going over there and coming home.

My cousin from Virginia is here now. Her mother is Dad's only sibling left and she is 93. My cousin took her to see Dad yesterday. Last night I went out to dinner with my cousin at Superior's Steak House....without a doubt, the best steak in the area. It was good to get away and think about something else and have a couple of glasses of shirazz!!