Monday, March 06, 2006

Dog tired farmer!

Ok...I am officially a farmer and a gardener now. I worked all morning trying to make my yard pretty. Dad brought an old rickety lawn mower here for me to try. It failed....well, I did get the front yard mowed, but the thing was backfiring so much that it sounded like the 4th of July. I gave up without doing the back yard. I think a new lawn mower is in my future.

Then I went to Dad's to help him garden. He thinks he can still do it, but when he tries he just can't do it. I tilled the garden and planted some tomatoes, radishes, turnip greens and potatoes. And yes, I am the one who will be eating heartily from the fresh veggies. You will wish you were here this summer when I am eating the produce! When I finished there, I came back to my yard and ran over the yard with the spreader broadcasting fireant killer and weed and feed. Then it all had to be watered in. I'm learning!!!

When I finished that, I cleaned up and went to the hospital to see my cousin, then came home, made dinner, ate, and now I am tired!