Friday, March 20, 2009

Beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Well, except that I wasn't in my neighborhood today...I was in my dad's. By 9 I was at his house ready to go to work in the garden, but he was ready for me to take him to the garden shop. We went and bought some tomatoes, cabbage, onions, squash, cucumbers and watermelons. He got the few little tomato plants in the ground and I got the rest in the ground.

My brother was on the tractor, but it died. Come to find out the rodents (rats) had chewed on the wires on the tractor so the fuel gauge was showing full, but it was actually empty. He discovered that lots of other wires were chewed on as well. When I left, he was still working on splicing wires back together. Next step will be to try to rid the barn area of the varmits! I also saw deer tracks in the garden. That's not good. They will eat everything! Both of these species are hard to co-exist with. Someone call PETA because I will be poisoning the rats!