Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Southern Fried Hollywood!

Once again our downtown is shut down for filming yet another movie. This one stars Martin Lawrence. One of these days, I am going to go down and watch what goes on, but, so far, I just haven't had time. The streets were closed yesterday and today. We have a quaint Main Street paved with brick and Hollywood just loves our town. They made some new store fronts...one is a general store and another is a butcher shop. We have neither of those downtown. It's way cool!

Dog Tired!

I spent 3 hours this morning making sure my yard was perfectly manicured...every blade of grass trimmed, every edge sharp and clean, and every morsel blown off the sidewalk and driveway. Then the backyard got a good dose of some spray on weed killer that also is supposed to green up everything in 24 hours....yes, I believe all the hype they print on the labels. I'm a sucker....OK! I went in to rest for one hour before heading to Mom and Dad's to see what needed to be done there. Dad had already tilled the garden and he was gone fishing with my brother, so I planted about 30 caladiums that I had left over from my own yard in Mom's yard. I spent a good two hours working there. Then my brother and Dad came home. Within minutes, my brother and sister- in- law were over on two riding lawnmowers mowing Mom and Dad's yard. We are a working machine! I realized when I left that I had not eaten anything all day, so I stopped by the local general store and got a fresh ham and cheese sandwich....I even opted for a regular cherry coke instead of a diet one! I figured I had earned that treat!!