Monday, November 13, 2006

More Praise for QVC!

This company is awesome. Today I received the replacement for the package that was never delivered (although the website said it was delivered on 11/2). Not even one hour later, my doorbell rang and when I opened the door another package from QVC was there. It was the original. The one delivered earlier required a signature. This one was just left there and I didn't even see who delivered it. I assume it was UPS again. I told the guy who delivered the first one that this was a replacement for one that I never got even though UPS had it marked as delivered.'s the kicker and what makes QVC awesome and stand head and shoulders above others......when I called to see how to return one of the packages, the lady told me to just keep it. I told her it was a toy and some needy child will be getting it as soon as I figure out how to find someone who needs it.

Just a memory now!

My mom used to be known for her cooking. She was the absolute best. She called me today and told me she was cooking some collard greens (not from our garden), so I went down for lunch. She told me right away the greens weren't good. She was right. They were tough, but she tried all morning to get them tender. Even her fried chicken wasn't so good, but that is because she has to use corn starch as batter due to my brother's gluten allergy and it just doesn't do as well as flour. I'm proud of her for continuing to try to cook and I feel sorry for her that it isn't like it used to be and she knows it!!