Saturday, February 16, 2008

Battening down the hatches!

I just had to go outside and move everything in the garage that could be tossed around by wind. We have predictions of 60 mph winds coming through here momentarily. Power is already out in Shreveport just west of here, so there is the real possibility of losing power here as well. Our power is supplied by the City of Minden and if it does go out, they get it back in fairly short order. I'm sure they have all the trucks on stand by right now. I like that.

My foot is 100% better. I can even move the joint in the big toe. Unfortunately, the steroid is still in my system thus causing blood sugar issues. The steroid keeps me hungry, but I try not to eat carbohydrates, which would raise it some without the aid of the steroid. Yesterday, I ate boiled shrimp and today I ate boiled crawfish, neither of which would raise my blood sugar, but today it has remained around the 200 mark. That's not good! High blood sugars are what cause nerve damage and kidney damage, so I try to avoid having any sugars that high. Since that rarely ever occurs, I'm hoping this couple of days won't cause damage. Wiggling Toes