Saturday, January 07, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha Girl

Instead of going to the gym today as was my plan when I left home.....gym bag and Ipod with me....I went to the movie. I got way behind on my movie going while Mom was sick and missed out on several that I would have seen had I not been pre-occupied with caring for her. I had 3 today that I want to see....Walk the Line, Memoirs of a Geisha Girl, and The Family Stone. Memoirs won out. It was good, but not one that I would urge others to go see. It just didn't leave me wanting to keep sitting there waiting for more. I didn't laugh and I didn't cry....bad sign for me!
Tomorrow I must go to the gym since I missed Thursday, Friday and Saturday.....after church, of course!

Books, Books, Books!!!

I have a weakness for books. There are books just everywhere and it is so hard for me to get rid of them, but I have to downsize my collection in preparation for a move. I am slowly giving them away. Unfortunately, I bought a new one yesterday and yet another new one today. This cannot continue. It's like an addiction! My newest additions.........