Friday, October 13, 2006

Mission accomplished...

I am back already after going to the Red River Revel, looking at all the art, and,yes, eating stuff I shouldn't have. So ill effects on my stomach. While I was away my brother came by, which always seems to happen when I am gone. He just called and we are going out for catfish tonight. aching stomach! Maybe I'll be hungry by then!!
Dramatic Death

Dishwasher fixed...

Turns out it was all related to the power being off a few minutes earlier this week. It caused a problem with the circuit board. All the repairman had to do was unplug all the little wires and plug them back in and it works now. He is ordering a new circuit board because the dishwasher is still under warranty and it shouldn't have done this.

The weather is too perfect to stay home today, so I am off on an adventure. I'm still debating where to go, but I'm thinking it may be here. If I decide against that, then I may go to the movie to see The Guardian, which was filmed here, or Open Season, just because I love animated movies. The movies may win out simply because I was sick last night apparently from the corn dog or the funnel cake I ate at the fair. The Revel will have lots of food booths from which I probably don't need to partake, but I can't resist. I have no will power!