Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I'm officially NUTS!

I know because my neighbor told me so. Yes, I was mowing at 2:30 in the afternoon and she did come over and bring me a cold bottle of water, but it was only 91 degrees and there is risidual breeze blowing from the hurricane. In fact, it has blown my hat off twice today and blew my big garbage can over that has been waiting all day long to be picked up. I just wish it would blow in some rain. 91 degrees feels like a cold front compared to what it has been being.

This morning I went to help Mom peel her pears so she can make preserves, but by the time I got there, she was all finished. I did help Dad put a soaker hose on his row of berries. He is so incredibly weak and he can't see because of his macular degeneration, so I help him see and hold things for him. After he went on inside, I stayed out and put pine straw all around his berries. So, now he can stop worrying about those berries.

Mom spent part of the night on the floor. She even had her walker, but fell going to the bathroom and could not get to the phone to call my brother to come get her up. She really hates to call him in the middle of the night even if she could get to a phone. I guess we need to get one of those Life Alert gizmos for her to keep around her neck. She said she would have used it last night.