Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yep..I'm lazy!

I have lots of work to do on this beautiful day in the neighborhood, but I'm not feeling it today. That's the beautiful thing about retirement...if you ain't feelin' it...don't do it. It's 80 degrees today, but tomorrow will be back to highs in the 50's. That's better "work in the yard" weather for me. I have new dirt bought and new mulch to go in the flower beds. I even bought a shovel. I don't know how I managed to live here 3 years and not have a shovel.

Tomorrow my brother and sister-in-law are leaving again to go to Branson. Seems like they go there all the time, but this time of the year is the only time they can leave. I have never even been to Branson, but I can't go with them because we both can't be gone at the same time. I wish they wouldn't be gone this week because it's parade week and this weekend Mom turns 84. None of us will even see her on her birthday.

Fruitful day.

Since the name of our krewe is Krewe des Ambassadeurs, we exercised our duties yesterday as ambassadors of goodwill. We dressed in our decorated jackets and visited two nursing homes and an assisted living home. The residents really enjoyed our parading through the halls and giving them beads. It made me feel good to do it even though nursing homes are very depressing. Why does God keep some of those people alive? I know there is a reason, but some of them are so pitiful and have no idea of anything around them.