Friday, April 01, 2011

Great day!

Mom had a great day yesterday...probably her best yet! When I got there after her nap, I asked her how her therapy went and she just smiled and started trying to tell me how happy she was that it had gone so well. I thought I understood her to say she walked 100 feet, but I was skeptical and went to talk to the therapists. They concurred that she did indeed walk all the way back to her room after therapy. She had some new fresh flowers that someone had brought her. I managed to understand her to say that Diane had brought them. My brother said that Diane did indeed bring those flowers. I was thrilled. I asked her if she thought we were doing the right thing by paying out of pocket to keep her there for additional therapy and she said, "Oh, yes!"

I'm tired!

My brother and I worked hard on our dad's row of berries today. We had to cut out all the dead wood and clean out all the grass and weeds from below them. Wow! What a job! He had to leave and do his real job, but I worked for about 3 hours until I was exhausted. This was our dad's last project before he died and he was very proud of his row of berries. Last summer they were very prolific, but then Mom had her stroke and we just didn't do the stuff that needed to be done. We are trying to catch up. My brother went on and took his regular noon shift with Mom, but I tried to get the row finished. Didn't quite finish before I gave completely out.