Saturday, August 16, 2008

Got me some culture!

Who knew that in some restaurants they look at your attire when you are seated and if your attire is dark, your napkin gets changed to black! Not me! Learned that today. It's so no white lint will get on your clothing from a white napkin!!Three of us got lots of culture today by going first to a museum and then to a Multicultural Center, then to a gallery and artists reception. Holy Crap! My culture is on overload! By then we needed a drink, so we went to a classy ( no, really) bar for a cocktail and appetizer. After an hour there, we went to another classy spot known as Superior's Steak House. I have been there twice before, but never had to pay myself, thank goodness. One of the ladies had a $150 gift certificate that we had to use up. Actually, we had to add a little to it to give a nice tip. I had steak that was to die for good. It was a very good day!