Friday, May 29, 2009


The weather here was perfect today for working outside, so I took full advantage of it and took care of my yard. It won't be long before I cannot do it all at one time even though it is a small yard because it will just be too hot. Today I was able to do all the mowing, all the edging, and blow everything off without taking a rest. Right now everything is pristine and perfect...just the  way I like it. My caladiums are coming up and they are always very pretty, so I am looking forward to their showing off in a few weeks.

Yesterday, after lunch with the ladies, I went to check on the garden and dig a few potatoes for me and my mom. The mosquitoes were so bad that I couldn't stay out there, but I took a can of yard guard and sprayed all in the berry plants and my mom and I were able to pick the berries without being bitten once. That stuff is awesome, so I'll be buying more of it to use every time I   go to work in the garden. Our berries are planted along a fence, so picking them is easy and doesn't require much bending over. I hate spraying OFF all over me, but I still do it.i guess it's better than West Nile Fever!

Tonight I went to dinner with my bro and sis-in-law...fried pickles and boiled shrimp!! Woohoo! Fried pickles are a new gastric discovery for me and I love them at this restaurant.