Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Totally awesome!

Today I made another trek to the airport to pick up my cousin again. She is back to, hopefully, get her mother out of the hospital on Thursday and back to the assisted living facility. Tonight my cousin treated 6 of us to a top notch restaurant in Shreveport, Superior's Steakhouse. It was awesome. She had them use menus with no prices printed on them so no one would feel intimidated. I had steak covered with lump crab meat and it was sensational. I also had a pineapple martini! Wow! Such a good drink! We had a great time and had a world class meal in our own little room. She had everything pre-arranged.

Damn Bambi

I know I have been lucky to have had my caladiums for two seasons considering that there are deer tracks in the vacant lot next door every morning. Last night my luck ran out. I don't really care now because the caladiums are about finished and faded, but I would have been mad if it had happened sooner.