Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank God!

Doctor could find no problems with my brother's liver or gall bladder. Doc suggested he see a cardiologist, but he probably won't since it has only been a few months since he had a stress test. I tried to find someone to fill in for me on Sunday at Mom's so I could go to a cook out, but I struck out on that. We only have one person who has done that shift since one of our caregivers had to move to Texas. She is one of the CNA's that took care of Mom in rehab and she works the evening shift there. She is working on Sunday, so she can't work. We need someone else who could fill in. I hate to be limited to only her days off to get a break for myself. Oh, well....I'll deal with it. No big deal!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have been forgetting to post here since I spend most of my computer time on Facebook. Things are going smoothly for Mom. My brother has been sick and is having a CT scan tomorrow because an ultra sound last week showed a spot on his liver. Fortunately, I had my 6 month check up with my doc and everything came out normal....no highs or lows on any of the lab results, so I'm good!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a week!

After moving to rehab, Mom went into complete meltdown and did nothing, but cry. Finally, after taking all I could take with her crying, I went to the nurse and asked her to start taking the necessary steps to get mom discharged the next morning. She did and we took her home yesterday. Now she is happy. Caregivers are back and we have a break again. The caregiver said she was not as weak as we thought. She was just "playing us" and it worked. She cried so much that we thought she had had another slight stroke that affected the emotion part of the brain. She didn't cry once yesterday, so perhaps not.

I enjoyed my one night away in a beautiful resort in Lake Charles and getting to see my adopted family! Had not seen the kids in over two years. The kids enjoyed the lazy river and we enjoyed the beautiful setting. After going out to dinner, I came back to the hotel, stepped in the casino and put in $20 and took out $58...went to my room!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Time for an update!

It's been crazy! Mom has been in the hospital twice since I have updated. First, she had a UTI and was on IV antibiotics for 3 days in the hospital. She lost everything she had gained relating to physicality. Could not even stand up, so we were back to square one. We had finally got her up and walking a little bit when she had another set back...this time it was throwing up and diarrhea which sent her back to the hospital where she is now. She went there last Wednesday with a heart rate in the 30's and vomiting. Finally, an ultra sound of her gall bladder showed some small stones. She has never had that before, but doc is pretty sure that was the culprit with a small stone getting stuck in a duct and making her sick. No damage was done, so we are not doing anything about that. Heart rate has come back up after taking her off Atenelol. Yesterday, she was accepted and moved into the in-house hospital wing for rehab. Hopefully, she can regain some strength and we can continue working with her at home with my brother and me and home health physical therapists.

Tomorrow, I am taking a day off and driving down to Lake Charles to meet up with a friend from South Carolina. Looking forward to a night at L'Auberge du lac Resort.