Thursday, April 29, 2010

New purchase!

Since neither my brother nor I checked the oil in Dad's lawn tractor (Dad always did that, so we didn't have to think about it), tomorrow we will be purchasing this little number! Who knew lawn mowers run out of oil???? Not me! It spit the bits out and seems to be unrepairable. Oh, well.....that won't happen again. I'm sure we will both be checking the oil way too often. I asked him if the new lawn mower was going to have a red light that says, "Check oil" like my car does!!!! What can I say....we screwed up! I just happened to be the one on the lawn mower when it crashed and burned!!! CRAP!

Well, crap!!!!!

Mom is going to have to have more surgery on her foot. This time the big toe. It is so misshapen that it is putting force on the next toe, which was operated on in January to straighten it along with 2 others. She uses a spacer between the toes 24 hours a day, but it is not enough to prevent a pressure ulcer on the next toe. We were so afraid there was infection in the bones from the previous surgery, but that is not the case. Here we go again! However, he did say this is more extensive surgery, but not as hard to recover from. She will be able to put weight on it immediately unlike the last time. Looks like she may have surgery next Friday. We have another appointment next Thursday to see how it looks after 2 weeks of antibiotics.