Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's only getting worse?

I tried to give the prez the benefit of my significant doubt. I wanted to be wrong about the man, but every day I find out that I was not wrong. He is just very scary!

I'm addicted!

It wasn't enough that I have been addicted to Facebook for several months, but now I am addicted to the Facebook Farm Town. One would think that doing the real thing in the real dirt would be enough, but, alas, it is NOT!

Today is going to be another of those too tired to move days. I guess I did too much yesterday because today I am totally void of energy. Also, I have yet again whatever it is that doesn't allow any food to stay down. It's happening regularly now, so I'm thinking it is not a virus. It's OK with me because I need to lose some weight. It kind of sucks that it happens when I have fresh squash and cucumbers that I want to eat!!:(