Friday, January 15, 2010


Worthless pretty much describes me right now. Staying every night in a recliner has taken its toll on me. I am tired even though I come home every morning and take a nap for as long as I need...usually 2 to 3 hours. Mom is getting better, but she still is not allowed to place any weight on her foot. Hopefully, on Monday she will get a bit of a reprieve from that. If not, then I will still be staying the night with her until she can. Even when she can, she will be very unstable. She was unstable even before she had the surgery. I wake up around noon everyday and eat some soup or some crackers and lie back down until I have to go back to her house. My brother is there during the day, but he is mostly outside working in the yard...cutting down trees and cleaning up and burning stuff. He comes in every few minutes just to check on her. Mom hates that our lives are dominated by her precarious situation, so its taking a toll on her as well. We owe it to her and she would do it for either of us if she were still able. She never complained about taking care of daddy either! She is a SAINT!