Sunday, March 29, 2009

Check this out!

Just got these in by email and had to share! He was my weekend visitor!

Nobody reads titles!

For some reason, I didn't go to church today. I don't even know why. My lazy butt just didn't get up and go. I hate when that happens! The rest of the day, however, has not been lazy because I went to Bossier City and bought more plants and visited Lowes. After my obligatory Sunday nap, I got in gear and and got all the plants back in their appropriate places after having to bring them in to protect them from wind, hail and frost! Also, got the yard edged and everything blown off so it looks pretty. I am just way too anal about my yard. My caladiums were supposed to be shipped today, so I am ready to get them in the ground.


There's lots of work to be done in the vegetable garden, but it may be a few days before it dries out enough to run the tiller and plant more stuff. My potatoes and corn are up, but they need to be hoed around to get rid of the weeds.


I had guests on Friday night that included a beautiful 4 month old boy. He was a real sweetie pie.