Saturday, October 04, 2008

Waste of skin day!

After going to check on Mom and Dad early this morning, I came home and became a recluse. Standard procedure is that if I don't want to be bothered am petending not to be home, I close the garage door. That's what I did and took a nap, watched Wild Hogs, and basically closed out the world. Sometimes I just do that and don't even feel guilty about it. Today was Primary Elections in Louisiana, postponed due to Hurricane Gustav, so I voted before I became a hermit. Tonight I will watch some election returns and hope for no run-offs so I can stop seeing all the CRAP they put on TV. My brother was mayor of his small town for 9 years, but due to some political mess that he couldn't agree with, he resigned last week. As a result, he has been on all the TV stations. Today, he was sick of it, so he went to the woods deer hunting. I'm glad he did. He is much less stressed now. My dad was mayor for 30 years and he was always stressed as well. It isn't even a paid position and is totally thankless. The constituents are quick to criticize when something they don't like happens, but they never say "Thank you" when things go well. I say, "Good for you, Brother!"
Republican Vs. Democrat