Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Proud gardener...

In spite of the fact that I have been totally unable to work in my yard, my flowers have blossomed and made me proud.

Feeling good!

The home health nurse told me yesterday that this wound is very small. The incision is only 1 centimeter, whereas the other one was 7 centimeters. She told me that it will probably be closed in about a week if it heals like the other one.

My mom told me that my dad was very depressed for the last couple of days, so I just got in my car and went to see him. I picked a few cucumbers in the garden and he went out with me to look at the garden. I told the nurse that I went to see him and she told me the doctor's orders said "no driving". No one told me that. I am still going to drive the short distance to Mom and Dad's. My dad needs to see me.