Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Is this ever going to STOP?

Today was not my day....

I don't mean that in a bad way. It just was entirely devoted to helping out others. I love to do that, but it usually doesn't take the entire day. This morning was spent taking my friend's son to the dentist, then taking him back to school. This afternoon was devoted to getting my mom to a cardiologist appointment in Shreveport. She doesn't have to go back for a year barring any unforeseen emergencies, which we do usually have at some time during the year. She got a good report and for that I am grateful.

Funny story..

My mom dreamed last night that Dad came to wake her up to cook breakfast. She got up, cooked breakfast, and went to get him from his room. She said he was fast asleep and she didn't know why he had gone back to sleep after telling her it was time for breakfast. He got up, came back to the kitchen and asked her what was wrong. She said nothing. Breakfast was ready. He asked her if she had looked at a clock. Well, no! It was 3 A.M. He said there was nothing to do, but eat the breakfast and go back to bed!!!