Friday, July 10, 2009

Awww, Man!

I screwed up! It's been so hot this week that I have not been to Mom and Dad's at all this week. Today I went there to check to see if peas were ready to be picked, but before I checked on them, I swung by the little okra plants to see if they were putting on okra. Turns out there was okra everywhere and nearly all of it was already too hard to use! Damn! I love me some okra and tomatoes, but I didn't get much okra I can use. I will be checking it much more frequently now.

My brother and I got all the mowing done at Mom and Dad's, but it was majorly hot and dry. I got the peas and tomatoes picked before I had a complete melt down. We don't have many peas or tomatoes right now, so that part was easy, but HOT!