Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm learning!

Lunch with the ladies today resulted in my learning something new. Obviously, I don't know much about construction or home ownership. One of the ladies is building behind me, so I told her about the tiles cracking in my house. She told me that I should call the builder because there is such a thing as a construction slab warranty. I did that and he said there is indeed such a thing and he will be out next week when the developer gets back in town to take a look. Who knew!!! Well, probably everyone, but ME!

The DRAMA is over...

Animal control came and got the kitty. The kitty came right to the man, so it has been around people. I am convinced someone dropped that kitty off by my house because it is not wild and it is not adventurous. It stayed right here all night. I'm glad it's gone and I hope it gets a nice home and family. I love kittens, but it is just impossible for me to have one.

Damn cat...

That kitten is driving me crazy. It cried most of the night outside my front door, but coming inside is NOT an option. I don't have any cat food, but I took some cream out for the kitten, which it won't touch. I thought maybe it was hungry. Someone had to drop that kitten off close to my house. I can't open the garage door because the cat comes in and tries to get inside. I had to get the garage opener, take the cat outside and hold it until the door was down, then slip around through the back gate and go back inside. I sure don't want that cat in the back yard with its constant crying. I will be calling animal control as soon as they are open.