Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In between putting up the beets today, my brother, his wife and I went out to pick beans on our one row of pinto beans. It ended very abruptly for me with a scream and a run! I pulled back one of the bushes to get the beans from under it and there was a black snake all coiled up under there. They went to try to find it after I screamed and ran. They saw it, but then lost it and were unable to kill it. My brother wouldn't have killed it anyway because he said it looked like a chicken snake. Anyway, my bean picking days are over. I know it makes no sense to be that scared of snakes, but it is what it is and it always has been. Looks like it is not going to change!!!!!


My brother loves pickled beets, so we planted some this year and were successful at growing them.  Yesterday he pulled all his beets up.

With Mom telling us what to do and cutting a lot of the beets up herself, we turned them into this.

 I have never been into "putting stuff up" as in vegetables and fruits, but we did this for my brother. I like the beets, too, but not like he does.