Friday, August 07, 2009

Wracked with pain!

Someone sent me a power point presentation today entitled " Our Parents" and I cannot get it off my mind. It made me cry because it was all about how we must not lose patience with the elderly. It reminded us of how they took our hands as children and took such good care of us and cleaned up after us when we made messes and wiped our mouths when food was stuck on our faces. It reminded us that they took our hands teaching us to walk so that we would not fall. We owe all the same deep, abiding love to them now that they gave us. It reminded me that they are no longer living, but just existing. This is so, so true. I feel so sorry for my dad because he is legally blind and nearly deaf. That is not living! He is so ready to be gone from this Earth and I do not blame him. The presentation said that we should not tell our parents that they already told that story......remember how they would read the same book over and over to us when we were children...just because we asked!!! My mom may tell me the same thing that she just told me five minutes before. Thankfully, I never tell her that she just told me that. I just listen and go on. It is sad and although I try to do the right thing, sometimes, I am afraid that I fail. Now I am feeling guilty for things that I might have done in the past. I cherish my parents and the life they gave me. I owe them everything.