Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let the good times roll!

Aaron Neville show was awesome. It was just him and his brothers (band) just picking and grinning. His voice is so unique and he could really pay tribute to Jesus Christ's birth in his Christmas songs. He was not shy about his faith and ended his show with "Amazing Grace"....well, almost...the final, finale was "Goodnight, Sweetheart".


It took all the damn day for Dad to get his port out and apparently the muscles that help him urinate were slow to wake. He could not use the bathroom until this morning. I went to see about him this morning and he was hurting at all. He's going out to eat fish and see his waitress girlfriend tonight.


I'm off to another party tonight...the last one, I think, except all the family festivities next week...that's 3 more.