Saturday, December 16, 2006

Email gremlins again....

I never had a problem with anything as long as the company was Cox, but since Suddenlink bought them out, the gremlins are out. I get more spam, I can't get my newsreader to work (even though they said it wouldn't be affected), and twice this week I have been unable to send emails. I can receive, but not send!! And of course, like every other company on the planet, tech help is in INDIA!!! Nothing annoys me more than trying to understand the foreigner on the other end. GRRRRR!!!
Computer Smash

Fallen Soldier

My brother and his wife are at a funeral right now of a local fallen soldier....21 years old, brand new baby, which he got to see on leave just two weeks ago. I am so ready for this war to be over. I believe we did the right thing in the beginning, but this just needs to be over. I hope with Rumsfeld gone, it can come to an acceptable conclusion.There will never be peace in that part of the world. Let's just let them deal with it now!!!

Day's work done!!!

I went to Mom and Dad's this morning to work in their yard. Before I did that, I picked some collard greens for Mom to cook. I mulched most of the leaves before lunch, then my brother and sister-in-law came and ate collards with us. I sent Mom to go lie down and I finished up their yard. When I finish doing that, I am covered with dirt! I had to come home and take a shower before I can do anything fact, I don't think I'll do anything else!!!! Just chill the rest of the day.
Leaf Pile