Monday, March 23, 2009

More onions!

I don't know why my dad thinks we need to keep planting more and more onions, but he bought more at Wal-Mart the other day because some man in there told him they would grow as big as apples...OK, whatever! He doesn't even know the name of them because due to his macular degeneration, he could not read the name on the crate he took them from. Anyway, I planted them this morning...another day of crawling on the ground and digging in the dirt. We are due for rain the rest of the week, so I wanted to get everything done before the rains come. I also got a few watermelons planted that he had bought as well. Of course, before anything can be planted the ground has to be cleared of weeds and fertilized and composted. I had to do all this for the watermelons. Thank goodness I already had the onion row prepared with the tiller. It wasn't my plan to put more onions there, but they are there now! I could work full time at the old home place and never get finished, but I have my own place that must be kept pristine because that's how I roll.....gotta be perfect! 

After I got home, Mom called and told me she saw her first hummingbird. Now I have their food preparing so I can hang my feeders back up. I love watching my hummers. They are so mean to each other!