Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Mom scare!

AmbulanceAs I was leaving the parking lot of the restaurant where we ate lunch today, my cell phone rang. It was my sister-in-law telling me my mom was bad off and I probably needed to see about her. While my brother had taken my dad fishing, Mom was home alone picking out pecans. She was so involved that she failed to eat and she had a major LOW blood sugar. When Dad got home, he called my brother and told him something was wrong with Mom. Brother went immediately and her blood sugar was 36. He started forcing sugary things in her to bring it back, but he couldn't get it up higher than 56, which is still too low. He is Captain of the volunteer fire department and he had a fire call. He called me to get down there and watch Mom. I did and when I got there, her sugar was up to 122 and she was OK. Low blood sugars are very dangerous and can cause one to pass out, which I guess she almost did. She would have gone into a coma if Dad hadn't gotten back when he did. When sugars go that low, the individual gets very muddled and can't think enough to figure out that they need to eat. She was very confused about what had happened, but she is OK now! One time my dad found her lying in the floor in the middle of the night. He called my brother and brother called an ambulance. The EMT's keep little tubes of cake icing for just such emergencies. That way they can force sugar into the mouth when the patient is fighting them while they are trying to make the patient eat. What can I say! Every day is a surprise!  I am thankful for every day!