Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mission sort of accomplished...

I got started in my yard and got half the roses pruned, treated with fungicide and new mulch around them. It's like starting over because all the dead leaves had to be removed from the ground around the plants and new mulch put down. I'm not finished! If this doesn't stop the black spot, I will pull those roses up, throw them away and give up on roses.

Last night Dad wanted to take us all to dinner and talk to us about leasing our 60 acres around the home place. The independent lease hound will pay $100 an acre plus a percentage of any gas if they should happen to drill a producing gas well. Dad already gets money from 13 gas wells on his old home place, but any wells drilled near our current home place have been dry. We don't even know why they want to lease our land, but we all agreed that we would go ahead and take that $6,000 and run. Of course, all the money would go to Mom and Dad except for the 6 acres that my brother and I own there. Dad did say he would give us each some of the money because he doesn't need it.