Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daddy Day

My brother has been gone on vacation for about a week. He goes to Mom and Dad's EVERY morning and has breakfast, so they really miss him when he is gone. Today I went and got Dad and his truck and took him to the bank, then to the car wash, then to Lowe's to get the stuff for me to build my rose bed. I knew he was so tired of sitting at home doing nothing and not getting to see my brother as well. I also knew Mom could use some time alone. I bought brick edgers and have begun my rose bed. I have the landscaping in my head, but I cannot believe how little I can do without having to sit down and rest. Just a couple or 3 months of doing practically nothing and I am dreadfully out of shape. It's OK....I'll just do as much as I can each day, but I am impatient about getting it done. I will have room for about 5 roses and I want them to be the good roses. The stores have them out now ready to buy. I got the edges done today. Tomorrow I will go get sand and put sand in the bottom of the bed, then I will top that with Miracle Gro potting soil, plant the roses, and then put mulch all around them. It will be beautiful!!! I HOPE!