Thursday, July 17, 2008


Those who know me know of my utmost disdain for incompetence. It's been a rant of mine for many years. I know that finding carriers for the newspaper is difficult because of the low pay and until now, I have had no complaints since I moved to Louisiana and subscribed to the Shreveport Times. The last two days, I had no paper in my yard. Last night I walked over to the two new constructions next to me and found my paper at one of those houses. Tonight I went over again and once again found my paper at the first house on my street....a new construction that no one has bought yet! Obviously, EMPTY! I don't know why this is happening unless there is a new carrier and he/she was instructed to throw to the first house. Up until recently, that would have been me....NOW IT'S NOT. I am now number 3!!! I guess a call will be in order tomorrow to the circulation department.

So good!

We didn't learn much at the oncologist today except that Dad's labs are good. We are scheduled for a CT scan on Tuesday to see if the chemo is having any impact at all on the cancer. We know that there is no cure, but we hope for some shrinkage to improve his breathing. I have not heard him wheeze since he started chemo, so I am hopeful. My sister-in-law gave him a buzz cut since his hair was falling out. My dad still had lots of hair even though he is 86. No more! Barber