Monday, January 15, 2007

Doc update..

I had my confab with the doc this morning about the blood test abnormalities. We did the creatinine and liver tests again to be sure that it isn't just a fluke. No results for about a week probably. I was supposed to get a container for a 24 hour urine catch, but they forgot and I forgot. I know he wrote it down, so it's them that should be checking to be sure everything is done. I guess I'll wait for the results and hope nothing further is required. There is a chance that if the creatinine is still out of range that my diabetes meds may have to be changed. He said metformin is not supposed to be taken if there is any indication of kidney malfunction. If the liver numbers are still up, we will do an ultra sound of the kidneys and liver. I guess I have been blessed with good health for way too long!!! Doctor