Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm done!

I was down at the home place at 9 this morning ready to go to work. Three hours later I was still not even close to being finished, but I did get a lot done. Dad's strawberry patch is ready to be planted. All the hills have been made, filled with good mulch, and pine straw on standby ready to go around each little plant. It was too cold for Dad to do anything. He can't stand anything less than 70 degrees. I guess that's an old age thing because it was perfect for me today at about 55 degrees....shorts and sweatshirt....that's how I roll!

I also have a fence row ready for the 15 berry plants (black berry. etc.) that he has ready to plant as well. Tomorrow I will go back and put in another few hours there while I neglect my own yard!!

I miss TEXAS!

My accountant just called me and told me I was getting money back from federal taxes, but that I would owe $625 in Louisiana income taxes. WTH! Texas doesn't have state income taxes. Even if my retirement was from Louisiana, I wouldn't have to pay, but since my money comes from Texas I have to pay. That SUCKS! By the time I pay the accountant and my state taxes, my federal refund will be used up! RATS! Texas