Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bluebird Taj Mahal

If my bluebirds don't come back for this, then they are just too dumb to belong in my yard. My cousin's husband made this for me and put it in the yard for me. It cannot be near a fence or a bush because predators smell the eggs or the babies and do everything in their power to get at them. The main predators are raccoons and black snakes. The stove pipe around the pole will prevent a snake from getting them and the screen around the hole (bluebird front porch) is long enough that even a raccoon's long arm could not reach the babies even if he were able to get up the pole. There is a door on the side that I can open to see about the babies and clean out the old nest. How cool is this!!!

What a difference a day makes!

Edited to add: I burned the cabbage and have since had to take a pain pill!!

I feel so much better today and have very little pain. I don't want to get overly optimistic because it sets me up for disappointment when the pain returns. I am even cooking lunch today. I met a man at church Sunday who lives down the road from me and I commented on his beautiful garden. Today he brought me a bucket full of squash, so I am cooking squash, cabbage, new potatoes and cornbread. There goes the five pounds I lost since my mouth has been hurting!!!

Construction has begun on the street behind my house. I saw the surveyors out yesterday and at 7 this morning, I heard the big earth moving machines. It will be interesting to watch. I have two friends who will be building behind me, so I am anxious, along with them, to get started on their homes.