Saturday, July 28, 2007

My day is done!

Early today I went to the store for Mom and then took the stuff to her. When I got there, she had already cleaned up from breakfast and said she felt much better. I knew she did or she wouldn't have had that done.

I went on to the garden and cleaned up the tomato row and planted 9 new tomatoes that are heat tolerant in hopes that we can get some more tomatoes before the first frost. My brother came and we picked peas. Now he has vertigo! I'm sure picking peas didn't help that any because bending the head over causes it to be worse.

I came home and mowed the backyard, treated some fireants that aren't supposed to be in my yard due to all the stuff I have broadcast over the yard to keep them out, and have now showered and ready for a rest and it's only noon!!!