Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wow! Just Wow!


It would have been so easy to skip the church musical tonight, but I am so glad I didn't. It was so awesome. A professional production could not have been any better. I came away with my heart filled with happiness wishing that everyone could feel the same way. In fact, the whole day has been that way. Today was the day that we take our only offering of the year for missions. We have a manger at the front of the church and everyone goes up and drops their envelope in the manger. Our goal this year for our church was $98,000. At the end of the service, a man came out and gave the preacher a note. They had counted the money and the total was $142,000. There will be more because not everyone who is going to contribute has given yet. Never did we expect such generosity in these bleak economic times. God is good!


Finally, the morons citizens of New Orleans did something right. They voted out that criminal, William Jefferson, who is under indictment. They voted in a Republican Viet Namese immigrant. Here in North Louisiana, I gritted my teeth and voted for the Republican just because I didn't want to lose the seat to a Democrat. The candidate was not my choice. In fact, I don't like him, but I sucked it up and voted for him. I guess I can say my congressman lives on my street now. He does, but he lives in a huge mansion up on a hill on the same street as my little patio home. I have never met him!!! I guess he doesn't associate with the  "little people"! By the way, he won by 356 votes!