Thursday, March 12, 2009


We have had rain for a good 24 hours now and we are all grateful for it. Drought has been the norm here ever since I moved here, so we are very glad to have this slow, cold rain. Now maybe my potatoes and corn will come up next week when it warms back up.

Strange things happening with me. For the last two days about the middle of the afternoon, I have gotten a fever that causes bad aches and chills. All I can do is take aspirins, which don't help much. Sometime during the night my fever breaks and I wake up all wet with sweat. What's up with that? I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my GP today for all the 3 month labs. He did a nose swab and checked for flu, but it was negative. We'll see what happens today. He wants to know if it goes above 101.

Holy CRAP! There goes my rain gutters I was going to put on the front of the house. I don't know why because we don't get enough rain to warrant them. The dentist got my rain gutters yesterday with a grand total of $700 for a crown. When it does rain, my front door becomes useless because the pitch of the roof causes the rain to dump right at the front door. No one can come in without getting soaked. It's a design flaw, but fixable with some gutters.